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An interesting set of Russian card games with a Christmas flavor
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Doruk is a Russian-style card game. As with other games of this type, the aim is to throw a card that can beat the card thrown by the computer (yes, you can play only against the computer because the game has no multiplayer option, which is one of its few disadvantages). If you don't have any card capable of beating the computer's, then you need to "eat" all the cards on the table, thus increasing the amount of cards you need to discard to win. The player that can throw all his cards is the winner.

The game includes three modes: Heap, Mover and Round. Each of these have their own peculiarities, which make them more interesting. For example, the Round game begins by setting apart the first nine cards in the deck and putting them around it. The deck will be open so the player can see if the upper card can beat any of the nine cards that are around. If he/she can do this, then the player takes both cards and repeats until he/she can't; when this happens, the upper card shoud be put around the deck and the computer plays. When there are no more cards on the deck, the second phase of the game begins, with each player (you and the computer) with the cards set you get in the previous phase and trying to beat each other.

Now, what does all this have to do with Christmas? Well, not much, except for the fact that you can change the backs of the cards using Christmas motiffs, like Santa Clauses, bunnies, Christmas trees, and so on. Also, almost everything in the game has Christmas-related images, such as Santa's dwarves, snowflakes, and so on. Nevertheless, it is a good, challenging game for spending your leisure time during the next holidays.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Free
  • Challenging
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  • No multiplayer mode
  • Christmas has little to do with the game itself
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